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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sundanese Food in Bandung, Indonesia

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I went to Bandung with my second sister for a 4 days 3 nights tour in Indonesia. Bandung is also known as 'Paris van Java' in Dutch or simply 'Paris of Java'. It is known for its fashionable clothes that are very affordable because of factory overflow. I have blogged about my trip here in Protips - my Holidays in Bandung. You can check out 7 beautiful photos taken in this post.

Above is an attractive menu in one of the Sundanese restaurants that we dined in. It is designed in a typical Indonesian style with lots of brown theme to represent wood and basket weaving.

Here is my order of the Sundanese food of ayam bakar or barbequed chicken, some cucumbers, otak (steamed fish with coconut milk, spices and wrapped in banana leaf), sambal (chilly paste with belacan). The cutleries are mostly made from baskets that are synonymous with Indonesian culture. The white steamed rice was served in a bigger basket receptacle.

We went to another restaurant after visiting a dormant volcano called Mount Tangkuban Perahu in Bandung or also known as an upside down boat as it is shaped like that. This is the long table and ambience of the place. There are lots of weavings infused in the furniture that is typical of the culture here.

Most of Sundanese dishes won't make do without cucumbers and 'belacan'. This is not the usual long cucumber that you normally find in the markets but a round type of vegetable that tastes just like a cucumber.

Here is my buffet breakfast selection at the 4-star Aston Braga Hotel in Bandung. Aston Braga hotel is a very convenient hotel to stay as just downstairs are many shops with high-end eateries to cater to the tourists.

This is another shot of the buffet spread consisting of doughs, breads, buns, croissants and your usual fare of breakfast food of carbohydrates for energy early in the morning.

This is the section for fruits consisting of carved papaya, watermelon, pineapple, honeydew melon, etc to add zest, minerals and vitamins to your diet. There's plenty of anti-oxidants here to prevent cancer.

For desserts, we had this 'kuih' or some sweet tangy and soft mouthfuls made from sago and coconut milk.

These are 2 slices of Honey Cake which Indonesia is famous for. It has lots of perforations and is spongy with lots of holes in it. Apparently it is steamed when in liquid form and the bubbles create the perforations to give a soft texture to the bite.

During one of the days of tour, I had vegetables soup as I was down with flu on the first day. Thank goodness, upon arrival, we could rest the whole evening when I recovered after buying some cough and anti-vomit medication from the pharmacist on the ground floor of the hotel.

I ordered this Sundanese food for dinner as my sister insisted on it and she loves Sundanese food - since we could not have in back home in Penang. It consists of tauhu goreng or fried flat bean curd.


The Mom Chef said...

What an amazing post and gorgeous pictures. I've never experienced Sudanese food before but now you've made me curious and I'm going to have to go explore this more. Thank you so much.

Admin said...

The Mom Chef: Thank you for dropping by and the kind comments. It gives me motivation to post more food photos whenever I am free. said...

my mouth is watering...this is my fav cusine

Admin said... I love it too for its simplicity.

Biren said...

Glad to hear your recovered from your flu to enjoy the rest of your stay. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

Admin said...

Biren: Thank for dropping by again. Yes, my flu recovered just in the nick of time to enjoy the rest of the day outside.

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